Founded by digital marketing veteran and entrepreneur Jesse Shapiro, Aligned PPC is a radically transparent, elite Google Ads consultancy designed to cut out the ad agency BS and firmly align itself with its clients most important metric: ROI.

Profitability for any digital marketing strategy (or frankly any business P&L) starts with building a model.

Build your framework, make your assumptions, sprinkle in some sensitivity analysis, and you have the basis for understanding the cash-in and cash-out of your marketing (or business P&L) machine.

At Aligned, we start every engagement by building an ROI “viability” model. Doing this helps us understand what a client’s keystone metrics need to look like for our engagement to be successful. Our nitty gritty research kicks off the analysis, and our 11+ years of in-the-weeds experience allows us to understand the nuance and implications of that analysis.

As far as we know, no other Google Ads agency or consultancy does this; but that’s also because they don’t think how we think.

This approach was born from Jesse’s  background in strategy consulting and M&A, where he developed highly-detailed financial models, product positioning strategies, and corporate development strategies for some of the largest pharma and biotech companies in the world. Eager to combine his creativity with quantitative background, he entered the world of digital marketing in 2012, becoming one of the most successful paid search specialists at Overdrive Interactive, an award-winning digital ad agency where he managed many of the the agency’s largest clients, including its biggest: Dell EMC.

Because of special circumstances that required developing new campaigns at 20x the frequency of traditional clients, Jesse developed a proprietary method for building out world-class campaign and account structures which outperformed traditional methods each and every time. Over the course of his tenure at Overdrive, Jesse managed dozens of accounts, ranging from Fortune 100 giants to small Startups, each seeing substantial improvements under his management thanks to his unique campaign buildout and meticulous optimization strategies.

Jesse left Overdrive to pursue his MBA at UCLA, where he founded Youtopia Snacks – a better-for-you snack brand. After using his years of marketing expertise to grow Youtopia into one of the fastest growing healthy snack brands, he sold the company to a Private Equity firm in late 2021.

After selling Youtopia, Jesse shifted his focus back to the world of paid search and Google Ads, helping his friend’s company develop their first-ever digital marketing strategy. It was in this engagement that Aligned was born, as his friend’s company knew it needed digital marketing help, but was turned off by the several agencies they’d been in touch with. Jesse was able to develop a robust strategy that yielded exceptional results – a true win-win.

Since that engagement, Jesse has built Aligned into a true first of its kind: a radically transparent group of world-class Google Ads experts, focused building data-driven strategies that generate true growth for its clients.